"I started working with Justin about three years ago after a 6-month hiatus when relocating here from DC. He carefully set up a training program customized to my needs.  He gives me his undivided attention for the FULL hour (never saw that with other trainers), ensuring that the moves and exercises are safe, correct and effective.  He knows his physiology and he knows when to push and when to respect limits.

More recently, I had to have rotator cuff surgery following an accident.  During my recovery, Justin called to check in on me and offered to help out with errands while I was laid up; I've never encountered a trainer so committed to and caring for his clients.  When I returned to train, Justin knew exactly how to work with me to gently bring the shoulder back to strength, carefully coordinating with my physical therapist.  I'm now back at full range of motion (thanks to the therapist) and full strength, thanks to Justin. I recommend him without reservation."

James S- Wellesley

"I started working with Justin a little over one year ago.  When I started I was just coming off a devastating back injury (5 months off my feet).  My back injury put me in pretty tough shape.  Justin, worked carefully with me through my injury.I n my first year I lost close to 50lbs and have been competing successfully in Spartan and other obstacle races (earned my trifecta last year).

At 43 years old I am in the best shape of my life.   Signing up with Justin is one of the best decisions I ever made."

"My experience with Justin this past summer was extraordinary.  I was moved beyond where I could have ever imagined.  My workout took me to new heights every week and gave me a great feeling of success.  I was amazed how this personal training program helped me with strength, balance, and endurance, giving me stamina, will, backbone and guts to persevere. I needed a program and this one worked.  I thank Justin, my trainer for this powerful experience."

Jane R- Natick

"I met Justin over a year ago through a friend and have been working out with him ever since.  The gym is clean and has a comfortable atmosphere. Justin makes you feel empowered that you can actually do the exercises he suggests, and eventually you do!  I feel better, and more importantly, I am healthier. From working out with Justin just one day a week, my cholesterol dropped 30 points. He adjusts your workout to your level and any limitations you might have.  Give it a try -- you too will become addicted to your workouts!"

Pam D- Sherborn

"I've been working out with Justin for more than three years. In this time I can honestly say that I feel stronger physically and am emotionally more confident in my workouts. Training one-on-one was somewhat intimidating at first – but Justin offers the right combination of sensitivity and encouragement to keep you going, so I became comfortable pretty quickly.  As a trainer Justin is extremely knowledgeable and brings his expertise to every session.  His approach keeps you moving fast, and before you know it you've worked hard and feel great."

Suzan H- Framingham